My Guiding Principles

  • there are many ways to birth and no single way is the right or wrong way
  • birth matters - a healthy mom and baby are the most important goal, but there is more to the story than just this.  The way a woman remembers her experience of giving birth leaves an impression on her heart forever
  • the mind-body connection is real
  • women need personalized care and support before, during and after childbirth that is based on their own beliefs, preferences and individual circumstances
  • how a woman feels and the ways in which she is treated in the weeks after birth can impact her recovery, every-day life and the way she views herself as a mother

With this in mind, I offer my mind, heart, and hands to every client and their family.  It is my hope that - no matter how the experience unfolds - each family that I work with will be able to reflect on their memory of welcoming their baby with peace and joy, seeing their own moments of strength, courage and love.

As a doula and a mother myself, I know that the journey to motherhood is different for everyone.  I believe every mother and family that I work with deserve to be loved, encouraged, educated and empowered with non-judgmental and unconditional support. I consider it an honour and privilege to work with families during such intimate and special moments.